If You Will

by yesitsmafia


Recently, I am reminded of/about my faith. How God is putting it to a test, and how it is waning, bending beneath the weight of my own demons in my head as a result of the pressures of this world. And I’m not gonna lie, I have thought about dealing with all of it on my own, placing my faith on my own two hands. Doubting God, once more.

My friends, life has its way of eating up your every thought, making you lie wide awake in the late hours of the evening, and shadowing what little light you have in a very narrow cave you’re in. Fear and worry, disappointment- these are the things that led to my doubts, and in result, the beginning of my lack of faith.

But today as I read about the leper in Mark 1, I felt chided for even considering such a thought. Here was a man who was condemned by the world -completely shunned and mocked by society- but still had an unwavering faith.

If you will, you can make me clean. v.40 ESV

He knew that he cannot do it alone. That he needed Christ for him to be healed. So with great humility and reverence –beseeching him, kneeling down, this leper believed that Christ was the only one who could do it. And Christ, who was moved by compassion, reached out and touched him, healing his leprosy at that very moment.

I will, be clean. v. 41 ESV

Christ readily wills, gives, answers, heals, cleans, etc to those who readily places their faith in Him. He takes away the doubt we have, and proves His power.

It may be difficult at times to put our faith into someone we cannot see. I sure know how that is… but that’s faith: being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we couldn’t see [Heb 11:1]. We may not know His plans for us, but we are guaranteed through Jeremiah that His plans for us are good.  This He promised.

There is a reason why part of the armor of God is called a shield of faith. Because our faith keeps us -saves us- from the deathly blows of lies, discouragements, worries, etc that the world gives us.

So instead of letting the weight and the blows of this world wane me, bend me; break my faith, I realized that I should persevere more, to trust in Him more, and to fill myself with His words. For it is Him who will give me strength, who will give me answers, comfort and peace.

Father, thank You for Your faithfulness even though I haven’t been. Thank You, Lord, for teaching me to have faith like a child, to place my life completely in the palm of Your hands. And I pray that You would continually strengthen my faith in You.