In This Morning

by yesitsmafia


The lights were dancing and the music was surrounding me. I remember being called, drinks were being poured, and stories were being told. But I couldn’t remember the names, couldn’t recognize the faces, and couldn’t tell where I was. It was such a shame, I thought. It seemed like I was having a good time. Somehow I did amidst the confusion and craziness.

But the morning brought me back to reality that it was only for a night. Only for a night… Nothing more. And with the morning came the truth.

I thought I was already awake. But as it dawned on me like the sun slowly rising from the east, I realized I have yet to learn to how it truly means to be free.

I shivered as the first morning wind passes through me. But as fast as it came, it wasn’t enough for the warmth that came after. And I found myself smiling for I know that in this journey, I would never be alone. I didn’t care if the world tells me otherwise. I didn’t care if they would tell me that the arms that was wrapped around me was mine.

Because I know the truth.
Because I know His arms are wrapped around mine.

And in this morning, I’m beginning to be re-awakened.