Comfort Isn’t Necessarily A Good Thing

by yesitsmafia

Today is a day I’ve been waiting for. A time for me to catch up on more personal matters as my days  have been really long and busy. Philippine Fashion Week is a month away and pre production has always been the most challenging part of it. I could barely keep up with my daily devotion. Thank God I could always find time in the morning or  sometimes at lunch to read, and be comforted by His word.

As I found myself getting back to the city pace, I realize how easy it really was to get back to your old ways. Not only was it easy but it was also invitingly comfortable. And I found myself being nudge constantly by the little voice in my head saying to tip the can over and be done with it, taunting me and challenging me.

It wasn’t easy to fight it. And  things aren’t getting any easier.

It felt  like I have to constantly be doing good; always aware of my actions -how to act, what to speak. Everything I did were thought through, well-calculated –conscious- because I was scared that one small move might end up with me falling back to who I was. In my head, I kept doing all these good deeds so that the Lord will see that I wasn’t failing Him -like a slave pleasing her master. But the more I push it -the more it was done out of fear, the more I crack. And little by little I could see the awful familiar pattern breaking in.

But the Lord had reminded me through Paul’s letter to the Galatians that I am no longer a slave to my efforts. No longer enslaved by the law of this world but have been redeemed to receive adoption as sons. And as His son, we are no longer slaves but heirs [Gal 4: 4-7 ESV].

I am reminded of the difference between a child and of a slave. As children, they obey their parents because they love them. But as servants, they obey their masters because they fear them. In reading Galatians, I have learned so much about the freedom Christ has given us through the cross. He did not purchased us to be His slaves but to be His sons (and daughters). And as His sons, He has sent His Spirit to live in us so that we may have this intimate relationship with Him -to be able to cry out “Abba, Father” just like the Spirit [Gal 4:7]; to have the same nature as His.

Paul said, it is fine to be zealous, provided the purpose is good, and to be so always [Gal 4:18 NIV]. I am reminded that in everything I do, I should do it out of love for my Father who has freed me, given me a new life, and adopted me as His daughter. That in everything I do, I do it to glorify Him. That I obey Him because I love Him.

If you love me, you will keep my commandments.
John 14:15 ESV

What a wonderful and powerful reminder to have!

Thank You, Lord for being faithful even though we have been fearful. Thank You for the steadfast love you’ve given me. I pray that this message You have given me may remind those who are also going through the same thing. And I pray that as sons and daughters, may we remember the meaning of the cross, may we obey you with all of our hearts,and  glorify You with everything we are and we have.