Ice Cream is God’s Blessing

by yesitsmafia


You think just because you have been living on a tropical country all your life doesn’t mean you’re used to having summer all the time. Summer’s pretty fun when you think about it… but then Summer finally happens and you’re like: “Gah! I hate summer. It’s so freaking hot and humid!”, and you wish you were living somewhere cooler.

Well, that’s pretty much like I have been for a few days now. Summer’s finally here and we all can feel it. And when I say it, and I mean the scorching-you-can-actually-fry-an-egg-on-the-street-heat. And the simple joys during this time comes in different and many cold products. And ice cream is one of them.

Let me just share something really quick.

Two days ago, me, my cousin and my brother were all hanging out while working on something. In between conversations and laughs, we would say in Bane’s (Batman’s masked enemy) voice: “Me want some ice cream.” And we kept saying that the whole day. Eventually, that night our Uncle -who I think saw how much we were all craving for it- decided to treat us with one. So we ended up calling Mcdo (McDonald’s, and yes, we do have delivery here) and ordered 7 chocolates Sundaes and a McFlurry; 3 of us having extra sundaes to eat the next day. Talk about cravings! Anyways, so I thought I was through with ice cream since my cravings were solved that night and I had another one for this morning, but lo and behold, my mom just bought a tub just for me a while ago. And I couldn’t be any happier.

The days are just getting so hot that walking a few feet feels like a workout already. And having to eat or drink something cold feels like heaven. Simple joys!

Anyways, I guess what I’m trying to say is how good -and funny- God is. You ask for a sundae and he gives you one or 2… and then a whole tub just because He can. I realized then how much we take things for granted until we are put in a situation where that thing becomes so important. If it wasn’t a hot day, would I still want an ice cream? Maybe. Would I be happy and content? Maybe. Would I see and understand its worth at that time? Maybe. But here’s the thing, most of us would probably never truly appreciate the goodness of the ice cream until we have eaten it on a hot summer day when we are in need of some cooling.

Everyday, we get to receive God’s blessing -that’s the truth. It may be grand. It may be not. The latter often gets unnoticed. But all those blessings are those we need the most. The sad truth is that most of us take that for granted. I, for one, did.

Back then, all I thought about His blessings were of the physical world. You know, money and fame, etc. It wasn’t until not so recently that I came to realize the -not really- simple blessings are the most amazing and wonderful things a person can ever have.

Being alive.

That’s one blessing we should always be thankful for. It may not be like winning the lottery but it definitely is better! I’m proud to say that I’m learning to be grateful for everything He has given me every single day. Whether you think you have something to be thankful for or not, He deserves to be praised.

Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever!
Psalms 107:1 (ESV)

So I want to challenge everyone to say at least one thing you’re grateful for in your life everyday.